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Why Wollombi Valley and Broke Fordwich?

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Why Wollombi Valley and Broke Fordwich?

Why Wollombi Valley and Broke Fordwich? The Hunter Valley is the perfect place to re-visit – if you don’t like visiting the same place twice. Comprised of differing historic, geographic, micro climates and soil types the Hunter has raised a family of separate communities all offering remarkably different experiences.

‘Everything old is new again’ has never been truer than in the historic Wollombi village. Following a main street fire in the historic Gray’s Inn, the Wollombi village has a new energy but still retains its historical beauty. Gray’s Inn an impressive two story sandstone building has served as a focal point for the local community for more than 150 years.

On wandering through ‘Grays Inn’, most of the recent visitors to the village are unaware that this historical gem was very nearly lost in March last year. However, less than a year later ‘Gray’s Inn’ has been renovated to a higher standard and the building is again the pride of Wollombi. Panino Restaurant which is nestled into the beautiful sandstone building of Gray’s Inn has reopened with a new look and new enthusiasm.”

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