Local photo by: Ross Zimmerman

The Wollombi Shandy

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The Wollombi Shandy

“Your correspondent has never been, is not and never will be a MAMIL. I did however participate in a mountain bike race on the weekend. Mrs Bladdamasta and I have bought the most rustic of weekenders off the beaten track near the villages of Wollombi and Laguna.

Far from being sleepy villages, there’s been a flurry of markets and festivals in Laguna and Wollombi since we took possession and on Saturday the annual Wollombi Wild Ride was held. There’s a 70km and a 30km version, but we entered the 15km version, mainly to keep an eye on our 8yo tearaway son. The starting and finishing point is the park next to the Wollombi Tavern.”