Local Happenings

Wollombi Taste Festival 2024

Join us at the Wollombi Taste Festival (1-10 June 2024) in Hunter Valley for a journey through exquisite flavours and unforgettable dining experiences.

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Experience the Romance of Christmas in Wollombi Valley

Get ready to ring in the festive cheer at the Wollombi Valley Xmas Celebration 🎄! A roving buffet with local meats, salads, and Italian specials awaits at Wollombi Kitchen. Book your tickets now and don’t miss out on the joyous celebration!

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Dr Jurds Jungle Juice

Dr. Jurds: Hunter Valley’s Wine Tour Secret Ingredient

Embark on a boutique winery tour in Hunter Valley and find out why your experience isn't complete without a trip to Wollombi. Get a taste of local history with Dr Jurds Jungle Juice.

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Great North Road: The Ultimate Motoring Club Drive

Explore Tourist Drive 33 with your motoring club. Dive into history, enjoy modern comforts, and know the perfect spots for group stops.

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Wollombi Market Day (02 Oct 2023): A Uniquely Rural Experience

Explore the rich tapestry of Wollombi Market Day in Hunter Valley on 02 October 2023.

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Historic Wollombi Village Walk: Step Through Time

Discover the allure of Wollombi, a historical gem in NSW's Hunter Region. This guide takes you through its 19th-century architecture and awe-inspiring natural settings, offering a deep dive into Australia's rich history.

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Wollombi Camping

Wollombi Camping in Hunter Valley

Unearth the Wonders of Wollombi: Camping in Cranky Rock and Wattle Valley Farm Are you looking...

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Mini “Taste of Wollombi” Festival (08-12 June)

Part of the Hunter Valley Wine & Food Festival The Mini “Taste of Wollombi” festival, a...

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Wollombi Market Day: 29 January 2023

The Wollombi Market Day is an annual foodie event taking place in the charming and historic...

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