Local photo by: Ross Zimmerman

Less is more: Stalls a sweet deal

Fruit stalls along Tourist Drive 33 Posted on

Less is more: Stalls a sweet deal

“FARMER’S gate roadside stalls are my favourite place to shop. Buying direct from the farmer is a great way to source local seasonal food.

The produce is typically super fresh and costs far less than what you would pay elsewhere. I especially love the unpredictability of roadside stall shopping. For me, stopping at a stall or two adds a sense of adventure to an otherwise boring car trip.

I used to zoom past roadside stalls. I focused on the destination and didn’t like the idea of adding a few minutes to my trip. I have since embraced the idea of slow travel and consider farm gate shopping an opportunity to support a farmer and grab a bargain. I now stop at most roadside stalls I pass  at least once.

My favourite farm gate trail is Tourist Route33.”