Local photo by: Ross Zimmerman

Laguna, NSW: Yengo Unchained

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Cycling Yengo National Park, Wollombi, Hunter Valley Posted on

Laguna, NSW: Yengo Unchained

CYCLIST. Rugged, rocky and remote – that was the description given by NSW National Parks. What we found inside Yengo, though, was far beyond our wildest expectations …

I checked the NSW National Parks website a few days before we embarked for Yengo to find out a little more about the area, which is situated two hours north of Sydney’s CBD. It read: ‘Yengo National Park is a rugged landscape of steep gorges and rocky ridges just waiting to be explored by 4WD, car, mountain bike or foot.’

Further down the page, it suggested that visitors should ‘get off-road on 4WD trails or grab a mountain bike and visit for the day.’ All this mountain bike talk made me think this particular ride wasn’t going to be your typical picturesque cruise along pristine roads. It was going to be a tough slog. What we found, however, was a world beyond the realms of what we, a trio of roadies, thought was possible.”

Source: https://cyclist.com.au/travel/laguna-nsw-yengo-unchained/