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Great North Road: The Ultimate Motoring Club Drive

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Great North Road: The Ultimate Motoring Club Drive

Explore Tourist Drive 33 with your motoring club. Dive into history, enjoy modern comforts, and know the perfect spots for group stops.

For car and bike clubs keen on a journey that combines history, nature, and modern conveniences, Tourist Drive 33 leading to Wollombi Valley presents a compelling destination. With recent road and mobile reception upgrades, and a variety of amenities along the route, the drive offers a well-rounded experience- the ultimate motoring club drive.

Tourist Drive 33 (TD33) incorporates parts of the Great North Road, built by convicts in the early 1800s. The initial construction commenced in 1826 and was considered an engineering marvel for its time. The road spans 240 km, of which a section still retains its original name between Mogo Creek and Wollombi. A journey down this route is a drive through history, making it ideal for clubs that appreciate both motors and heritage.

2023 Infrastructure Upgrades

Firstly, let’s delve into the 2023 upgrades. The stretch between Wollombi and Cessnock has seen significant improvements in road quality and signage. These upgrades are not just cosmetic; they enhance safety and navigation for drivers. Furthermore, the mobile reception in the Laguna area has been ramped up to reduce communication black spots, thereby improving connectivity and safety.

Stops for Larger Groups

Pit stops can make or break a long journey, especially for larger groups. Along Tourist Drive 33, several venues can accommodate big parties:

  • Saddles at Mount White: A serene pit stop for food and relaxation.
  • Jerry’s Cafe at Kulnara: Ideal for a quick coffee break or lunch.
  • The Trading Post at Laguna: Another great spot for refreshments.
  • Wollombi Tavern in Wollombi Valley: Perfect for a longer break or even an overnight stay.

Each of these spots offers ample parking, making them convenient for car and bike clubs.

Fuel and Charging Amenities

For traditional fuel and electric vehicle charging, the following stations have you covered:

  • Peats Ridge – Ampol
  • Kulnura – General Store
  • Kulnara – Jerry’s Cafe
  • Laguna – The Trading Post (also has a Tesla charging station)
  • Wollombi – Wollombi Tavern (no fuel, EV charging station coming soon)
  • Bellbird – General Store

Coordinated Visits

For car and bike clubs requiring more structured itineraries, the Visit Wollombi Chamber of Commerce offers tailored support. Simply email secretary@wollombivalleytourism.com.au for coordinated trips.

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