The Wollombi Tavern Champion Rose Growers Competition

Date: Saturday, 10 November 2018
Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location: 3270 Great North road, sydney, nsw

Saturday 10th November 2018 – Judging commences at 11am sharp at Wollombi Tavern

Competition Rules

  • Competition is open to all residents (permanent, temporary or casual) within the Wollombi District.
  • Entry is free.
  • All entries must be submitted at Wollombi Tavern prior to commencement of judging. No entries will be received after commencement of judging.
  • Only roses may be entered in the competition. Roses are to be submitted as garden specimens. Photographs, facsimiles, ect will not be accepted. Plastic, cardboard, or silk replica roses will also be disqualified.
  • All roses are to be homegrown i.e. the entrant must grow the rose at their place of residence or business. Purchased roses will be disqualified. “Borrowing” of roses from other person’s gardens or vineyards is not permitted.
  • All roses are to be presented in an orderly fashion, whatever that means. Roses may be presented singly or in a bunch.
  • Judges’ decision will be final and no further discussion will take place.
  • All roses to remain at Wollombi Tavern after the competition.
  • Bribery and corruption of the Judges is to be limited to food and alcoholic beverages prior to the event. Roses are not acceptable bribes. No money is to change hands.
  • Competition rules are subject to change without notice.