Stolen – by Jane Harrison

Date: Tuesday, 12 June 2018
Time: 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Location: Cessnock Regional Art Gallery, Cessnock, NSW

Stolen is a must see for all Australians. On the 20th anniversary of its premiere season, this timely revival of Jane Harrison’s landmark play is as powerful today as it was for its very first audience.

Stolen interweaves the stories of five children taken from their families – Ruby, Jimmy, Shirley, Sandy and Ann. Their stories are from different times and different places, but the five characters interact with each other as if their experiences were shared. Theirs are the stories of many.

With a background in dance, Wiradjuri director Vicki Van Hout’s acclaimed production is vibrant and inventive, with playground-inspired choreography, a rhythmic soundscape and an eerily colourful yarn-bombed tree as a key feature of the set.

With endearing characters and plenty of humour, Stolen is ultimately a play about love and loss, resilience and hope. As we recognise that more Indigenous children are being removed today than at any other time in Australian history, this contemporary retelling is a thoughtful and moving reminder of our past and our present, that will resonate long after you return home.

Directed by Vicki Van Hout.

Warning: Coarse language and adult themes.

A National Theatre of Parramatta Production. Presented by Cessnock Performing Arts Centre.


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