Global Webinar on Forensic Science

Date: Saturday, 5 February 2022 - Sunday, 6 February 2022
Time: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Global Webinar on Forensic Science

February 05-06, 2022

Forensic Science: Latest Research, Technology and Innovation.

Inov Sci Tech extends its welcome to Global webinar on Forensic Science Conference during February 05-06, 2021(Online Event) with a theme “Forensic Science: Latest Research, Technology and Innovation”. Participating at Forensic Science webinar will provide a remarkable chance to communicate with world-class Forensic Specialists and Experts in the field creating a channel for collaborations and partnerships.

Forensic Science webinar is a two days meeting includes keynote sessions and speaker talks by famous and prestigious speakers who exceed expectations in the field of Forensic Science. This Webinar also encourages the active participation of young students, up and coming analysts and sprouting researchers as we are facilitating best speaker and best student presentation award.

Target of Audience:

Directors, Vice Presidents, Psychiatrist, Cyber Security Professors, Neuropsychiatric, Brand Manufacturers, Forensic Science Researchers, Forensic Science Engineers, Forensic Sociologist, Forensic Chemist.



Virtual crime scene recording, Forensic architecture, Forensic biology & genetics, Forensic engineering, Forensic entomology, Fingerprint analysis, Digital reconstruction, Trace evidence and explosives, Forensic nursing

Forensic anthropology, Evidence management, Traffic accident, Touch dna, Dark net analysis, Legal & clinical forensic medicine, Forensic psychology, Forensic toxicology, Victimology, Forensic radiology, Forensic biotechnology, Forensic diagnosis, Forensic chemistry and toxicology, Forensic metrology, Forensic anthropology, Forensic sculpturing/drawing, Crime mapping, Latest instruments in toxicology, Cyber security forensics (csf)

Forensic sociology, Forensic epidemiology, Firearms and tool marks, Terrorism, Crime scene investigation, Forensic serology, Forensic dna analysis, Forensic anthropology, Criminology, Forensic odontology, Forensic accounting

Current challenges in forensic science, Nuclear forensics, Forensic genetics, Forensic investigation, Forensic accreditation, education and training, Dna and biological evidence, Modern developments in forensic science, Forensic equipment and market analysis, Statistical methods in forensic science, Forensic science: latest research, technology and innovation, Economic offences/white collar crimes and forensic accounting, Digital forensics.


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