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Couple create dream home on Laguna property

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Couple create dream home on Laguna property

“For the past 10 years a couple from Sydney have been working tirelessly during many of their weekends to create their dream home and business on a 100-acre property called Valle Laguna, just outside of Wollombi.

Kylie Gemmell and Trent Glass are now making the transition from city slickers to rural residents, slowly realising their long-term dream.

“I wanted it to be a farm house, you can walk in here with your boots on and no one is going to cry. I wanted to be able to live in it and spend my time in it. I have a joke: there will be absolutely no dried flowers and terracotta ducks,” Gemmell says of her new home.

Along with their home the two have built two, two-bedroom villas in a similar, smaller style to their home, where guests now regularly stay.”