Local photo by: Ross Zimmerman

Bohemia’s Name My Frog Competition

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Bohemia’s Name My Frog Competition

“I would like to introduce you to one of Bohemia’s permanent residents. This Very Loud Frog lives in the water tank and is rarely sighted, so I have not been able to verify age / sex / favourite TV shows. In fact, this is an imaginary shot of what my frog looks like in action. However, as you well know Bohemians, I am a bit of a lover of animal signs and shamanism. As my frog was bellowing at me from the tank today, I was reminded that frog magic is all about abundance, fertility, transformation & health. Unerringly appropriate for a Natural Therapies business and such a blessing to have in your tank really.

It seems fitting to me that this wonderful frog should have a name, so I’m turning the task over to you and your wondrous creativity. A beautiful Bohemia prize hamper including a golden ticket to the meditation / ritual of your choice is the reward for the best frog name… and yes, your highly creative and amusing explanations count!”

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