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A hunt for sustainable tourism in NSW

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A hunt for sustainable tourism in NSW

“Sydney-sider, I adore skirmishes around our beautiful countryside in NSW. I marvel at the fact that I can be in the bush within an hour on a Friday night, after work.

What I have found disappointing, however, is the lack of sustainable travel options available to me. I have a policy that I will only stay at responsible venues when I travel for pleasure. I’m a GoGet car-share user and feel that I am responsible in my mode of transportation, offsetting carbon emissions whenever I fly, but staying in responsible accommodation never proves quite as simple …

We departed … and headed back towards Sydney. Luckily we were on our way to our next adventure, Mulla Villa, in the Upper Hunter Valley. Mulla Villa is a convict built guesthouse, in Wollombi, dating back to 1840. The attraction to Mulla Villa was two-fold, Caroline the owner serves all organic food and there is an Aboriginal cultural tour that departs from Wollombi town centre, to the Yengo National Park.”

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