Creative Arts and Galleries around Wollombi

The breadth and depth of the artistic talent in the valley is astonishing, with renowned artists of all disciplines living and working in the valley. Performing arts cover the spectrum from comedy to Shakespearian tragedy, and fire-twirling to magic. The visual arts are well represented in the local galleries, with stunning paintings, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, photography, timber furniture and more!

The Laguna Art Show is a major annual event held in September, and regular art exhibitions are held in the Wollombi Cultural Centre. Browse through the Events Calendar to see what’s on!

The Wollombi Quilt

Photo of The Wollombi Quilt

In February 2007 Wollombi Stitch N’ Bitch group decided to create a community quilt. The guidelines were to create 30cm x 30cm squares depicting “something you love about our valley” Any texture was acceptable. All those who volunteered became busy knitting, stitching, quilting, painting, spinning, dyeing wool and experimenting with cameras, computers, mud, silk and feathers.

On June 9, 2007 cyclonic rain brought floods to the valley isolating properties, cars and people for weeks. It was feared that the quilt may have “gone under”. However fifty women and two men persevered to produce a quilt of fifty four squares depicting a wonderful diversity of, events and even catastrophes including wildlife, birds, flowers, poetry, wineries, historical buildings, bush fires, and the recent flood, as well as activities such as the Book Club, Tennis Club, Cricket Club and Arts and Crafts.

Next time you are in Wollombi, why not visit the Wollombi Quilt? You can see the quilt in the corridor behind Noyce Bros cellar door, within the Gray’s Inn in the centre of the village. Open 6 days a week (closed Tuesdays).

Valley Artists

Photo of Valley Artists

Valley Artists have regular productions in the Laguna Hall, which are highly regarded. A non-profit organization, the Valley Artists survive solely on the generosity of local sponsorship, ticket sales and enthusiastic members. Yearly sponsor dinners have become a must go to on the Valley’s social calendar. Workshops are held which include acting, voice, Commedia del’ Arte, street theatre, sound, lighting, make-up and stage management.

Productions are held regularly at the Laguna Hall.

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Wollombi Valley Arts Council

Photo of Wollombi Valley Arts Council

The Wollombi Valley Arts Council was formed in 1998 by a group of creative locals to help foster and encourage all kinds of artistic expression within the Wollombi Valley Communities. The WVAC is a non profit, incorporated organisation, run solely by dedicated volunteers, and is affiliated with Regional Arts NSW. Our endeavours are financed by community sponsorships, public donations, workshops and local artist run exhibitions which are held regularly in the Old Fire Shed Gallery at the Wollombi Cultural Centre which has strong Wollombi Aboriginal representation and support.

What exhibitions are on this month?

Wollombi General Store

Photo of Wollombi General Store

The General Store is a must see in the village of Wollombi. It is  the original store that was constructed before the end of the 19th century. It presently functions as a general store, stocking groceries, household goods, stationary, local fruit and vegetables, meats, confectionery, dairy items and gifts.

There is a  selection of locally made honey, jams, oils and relishes. The latest addition to the store is a coffee shop serving coffee from Beancraft, various teas, Bondi Chai and hot chocolate. We are lucky enough to be one of only two coffee shops in Australia that have this blend of coffee. There is a supply of sweet treats to compliment the coffee and hot pies and sausage rolls are available.

We have opened the gallery in the shop which hosts a display of local art and craft which is available for purchase. The shop acts as a Australia Post Office agency and we are a gas supplier for the area. There is a small tourist information area and information about upcoming local events.

OPENING HOURS: Open Monday – Wednesday from 8am to 5.30pm, Thursday – Saturday from 8am to 6pm, and Sunday from 8am to 5pm.